Denver Frost Proof Outdoor Faucets

No more frozen faucets! If your outdoor faucets are old or need service, we at Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating recommend replacing them with Woodford frost-proof silcocks. To learn more about preventing outdoor faucet freezing, please call 303-781-7856 or email us at

frost proof outdoor faucet installation

basement flooding prevention

Basement Flooding Avoidance

If a hose is left on an outdoor faucet and there happens to be a hard freeze, water in the tube fails to drain, and this water begins to freeze and push ice up the hose into the house. The ice splits the pipe inside the home, and the next time a faucet is used, the wall will fill with water, and, if the home happens to have a basement, the basement will flood. This common scenario can be easily avoided by installing Woodford frost-proof outdoor faucets or silcocks. Call now for an appointment.