At Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating, we listen to and act on the feedback we receive from customers. We are now offering a duct cleaning service based on requests from customers just like you. We utilize a powerful portable vacuum that has a HEPA filter-based collection system. A hose is attached with a brush and pushed through the ducts. The vacuum safely removes the dust and debris as the brush loosens it.

Want two great reasons to clean the ducts in your home? Your health is the number one reason. The ducts are full of dirt, dust, spider webs, mites and animal dandruff. This disgusting mix is recirculated throughout your home every time the A/C or heating is turned on. Duct work cleaning is strongly recommended for people with asthma or allergies.

The second reason is that when your home’s ducts are clean, your A/C and heating system will work more efficiently. When ducts are clean, heating and cooling systems use less energy moving warm and cool air around the home.