Residential Plumbing Services

Value-Priced Plumbing Services

Bill Smith Plumbing is a value-priced plumbing and heating company. We are independently owned and operated and having been serving Metro-Denver households since 1956. As the 1960 newspaper ad above shows, we offer prompt service calls starting at 8 a.m. with satisfaction guaranteed. Please use this website to explore the services offer. Please review the service gallery below for all the plumbing services Bill Smith Plumbing provides. Call (303) 781-7856 or email us at for an appointment. We look forward to earning your business.
  • Water Leaks

    If your home water piping system is over 20-30 years old, you may notice leaks in your home. Over time this can cause structural damage to you home and all leaks should be repaired. Leak can come from old galvanized and plastic pipe going bad. Some leaks come from poor piping installations which leads to premature failure. For quality plumbing services to stop leaks, call Bill Smith Plumbing. got a water leak call bills smith plumbing email us

  • Garbage Disposals

    As you can see from the ad above, Bill Smith Plumbing has offered InSinkErator for over 50 years. InSinkErator food waste disposers are the best-selling brand in the world, and with good reason: they're the easiest disposers to install and they provide the greatest peace of mind. With Insinkerator disposals, you grind more and hear less. Click here to go to the Insinkerator page.

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  • Faucets

    Bill Smith Plumbing repairs and services most faucets found in Denver homes. For replacement, we offer Delta and Moen faucet lines. Both these companies build high quality faucets with good warranties. Newer faucets use ceramic cartridges, which makes them easy to turn on and off. If your faucets are dripping, give Bill Smith Plumbing a call for faucet service. Click here to go to the Delta and Moen faucet page.

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  • Toilets

    Bill Smith Plumbing provides high quality service and repair for most toilets found in Denver homes. For replacement, we offer Vitra and Toto toilets. Both manufacturers produce high quality, well flushing, and easy to service toilets. Click here to to to the Toto and Vitra toilet page.

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  • Frost Proof Hose Faucets

    To avoid frozen outside hose faucets, remove all hoses. When a hose is left attached the freezing conditions are applied from the outside of the house back toward the interior. The faucet’s interior copper tubing bursts to relieve the pressure. Bill Smith Plumbing installs Woodford Frost Proof Faucets. Click here to go to outside faucet page.

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  • Frozen Water Pipes

    If it is 10 below zero outside, and you are not sure about your home's insulation, be sure to open the doors to crawl spaces, kitchen sink cabinets and basements to let the heat of your home circulate. Let all your faucets drip. Be sure to check your pipes in the morning. If you do have a frozen pipe, it is best to call a professional like Bill Smith Plumbing.

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  • House Winterization

    Bill Smith Plumbing winterizes vacant homes to avoid frozen pipe water damage. All heating and water systems are shut off and the water is drained out of pipes and fixtures. Air pressure is used to blow out any remaining water. RV anti-freeze is put in toilets and drains to avoid freezing. Call Bill Smith Plumbing for home winterization services.

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  • Appliance Hook-Ups

    Many people don’t think about calling a plumber when it comes to hooking up a new appliance.   We are experts making sure you water connections to your new ice maker, dish washer, refrigerator does not leak. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate, please call Bill Smith Plumbing today.

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  • Pressure Reducing Valves

    High city water pressure is a ticking time bomb because of the increase wear and tear on your water appliances in your home. High water pressure will breakdown pipes and toilet and faucet parts until they fail. Bill Smith Plumbing will test the water pressure to your home and install pressure reducing values if needed. Call us for a free quote and estimate.

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  • Sump Pump Installation

    A sump pump removes water that accumulates in a water collecting sump basin. The unit may pump water to a french drain to move the water away from the home. Bill Smith features Zoeller Sump Pump systems.

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  • Washing Machine Hoses

    Broken washing machine hoses is one of the main causes of flooding in Denver homes. The hoses take a lot of wear and tear from the quick closing of the solenoid valves on washing machines. It is prudent to have washing machine hoses replaced periodically. Call Bill Smith Plumbing for an estimate.

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  • Water Filtration

    Bill Smith Plumbing installs whole house water filtration systems. We feature CUNO water filtration systems. CUNO offers several high quality lines of residential filtration and water treatment. Water filtration reduces particulate matter and chlorine taste of city water. Call Bill Smith Plumbing to plumb water filtration system to your refrigerator water dispenser and sinks.

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  • Back-flow Prevention

    Backflow can be a serious health risk for the contamination of potable water supplies with foul water. For this reason, building codes mandate a series of measures to prevent backflow, including automatic check valves. Call Bill Smith Plumbing to make sure your plumbing meets city code.

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